Richie Sambora Arrested For DUI in Laguna Beach

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Officially joining the illustrious celebrity mug shot club last night, Richie Sambora was arrested for DUI in Laguna Beach, Calif. Nice work man!

Law enforcement sources say the 48-year-old Bon Jovi guitarist was pulled over by the Laguna Beach police just before 11:00 p.m. last night.

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Cops observed him driving erratically in a black Hummer and pulled him over. He failed numerous field sobriety tests and was arrested for DUI.

At the station Richie Sambora opted to take a blood test rather than blow into a breathalyzer. Laguna Beach PD say there's no indication of drugs.

Richie Sambora was released around 4:00 a.m. this morning.

There was a female passenger in the car at the time of the arrest, but, TMZ reports this afternoon that "she's not a celebrity." Rumors, currently unconfirmed, have indicated that the female in question may be Sambora's daughter, Ava, 10.

In 2007, Richie had not one, but two stints in rehab.

Gosh. And here we thought we knew Richie. What would Lauren Conrad think of Heather Locklear's ex driving like a madman through her hometown? Just be glad Sambora didn't go all Mel Gibson on any law enforcement peeps afterwards ...

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