D'oh-erty: Pete Jailed After Probation Violation

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Pete Doherty, the chronic alcohol and drug user and part-time lead singer of British band Babyshambles, has been sent to jail for 14 weeks.

The reason? For violating probation and ... using drugs. There are only so many times you can get arrested and stay out of jail, turns out.

A former boyfriend of Kate Moss, Pete Doherty has a history of being a jackass and was given a suspended sentence in October for drug possession and DUI.

Pete Doherty is behind bars. Unfortunately, he'll be out pretty soon.

He then missed an appointment with his probation team, which resulted in his new sentence. Somewhere, Mitch Winehouse is loving this.

Hopefully possible girlfriend Portia Freeman won't miss him too bad.

Same for recently de-virginized, possible baby-mama Laura McLaughlin.