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Eli Manning has Abby McGrew.

Tom Brady has Gisele Bundchen.

Tony Romo has Jessica Simpson.

All of the stud NFL quarterbacks above are doing well for themselves in the gal department, but let’s face it, a ball and chain is a ball and chain.

And Matt Leinart ain’t havin’ none of that, folks!

He’s been linked to Britney Spears, Kristin Cavallari and Paris Hilton, and has a child with Brynn Cameron, but the former Heisman winner cannot be held down … at least not when linebackers aren’t involved. Check out Exhibit A below …

With four lovely ladies packed into his hot tub at the same time, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart appears to be a far better player off the field.

Hey, who wants to settle down and spend their weekends at Home Depot or sipping Merlot on the couch when you can bust out the beer bong and party like a rock star with Nick Lachey and a bunch of college girls! Right? Right.

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