Celebrity Gossip, in the Year 2039...

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Late night talk show host Conan O'Brien used to run a segment called "In the Year 2000..." During it, he'd make wild accusations about possible events that may develop at the turn of the century. Most of the time, O'Brien was way off base.

But The Hollywood Gossip staff believes our prescient powers are stronger than those of Conan.

Allow us to peer into the future - as we once peered into the star-spangled Sooner State - and take a look at the world of celebrity gossip in the year 2039.

Some familiar faces may not be the same...

Hey old lady, hey old lady, hey! Gwen Stefani will still be having children. She just won't be having a slammin' body anymore.

Will Tony Romo still wanna throw touchdown passes to Jessica Simpson - if you know what we mean! - when she looks like this?

Assuming the aliens that have invaded the body of Katie Holmes don't completely take over, Mrs. Tom Cruise will age nicely. She'll still be a robot.

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