Britney Spears: Not Drunk, Just a Terrible Driver

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She wasn't drunk, but moments before Britney Spears caused a three-car crash on Saturday night, she was ... putting on her makeup behind the wheel!


How do we know? According to TMZ, the guy she hit was checking her out - admiring the white Mercedes and the gal putting on makeup while driving.

It wasn't until after she collided with his car at an estimated 10-15 mph that he realized the woman was none other than Britney Spears.

After the accident, Spears' bodyguard apologized, but Britney did not. She and the 21-year-old crash victim only exchanged a few words, however she did mention that she was on the way to dinner with her mom, Lynne Spears.

No word on whether they were planning on hitting up McDonald's.

A field sobriety test was then conducted by officers on Spears, and the crashee says that officers performed a "follow my finger test" on Britney.

This file photo of Britney Spears driving does not show her putting on makeup, but she does have Blackberry in hand, ready to do some furious texting. OMFG!

At first she was giggly during the test, but then she got real serious real quick. Good idea. Britney was the only person involved who was tested.

The CHP says it wasn't the Britney Spears factor that convinced them to perform the test after her accident - it was the timing of the wreck.

There was "no odor, nor any kind of erratic behavior" that suggested Britney Spears was under the influence, but after an accident, officers are inclined to "do a standard check on most drivers, especially during those hours."

While no injuries were reported on the scene of the accident, the man claims that he woke up with a sore back the next day. Hmm, lawsuit anyone?


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