Britney Spears Rolls to McDonalds, Uses Can

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Just in case any of you thought that Britney Spears had her $h!t totally together after seeking treatment for her obvious mental issues, well...

In a move that brought back fond memories of late 2007, Britney was joyridin' around yesterday when she pulled into a local McDonald's to use the restroom.

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This sort of thing used to be part of the daily routine - maybe she should sign an endorsement deal with McDonald's and not some Danish furniture line.

Escorted by her bodyguard, Britney Spears made her way to the bathroom at the Malibu McDonald's, to the delight of the fast food restaurant's patrons...

Britney Spears does her thing... hopefully just #1.

Hey, sometimes you gotta pull over at McDonald's and take a leak. Even if you live in the same town as said fast food establishment and could just go home, where the bathroom is probably less of a biohazard. Then again, this is Britney.

We've all gotten bailed out by McD's when a bathroom was in desperate need, but we're not Britney Spears. Seriously, do you want to cause a scene wherever you go? It can't wait 10 minutes? Can't she cut down the Starbucks intake a tad?

Whatevs. When she finished up, Britney Spears returned to her Mercedes and fled. No word on whether she grabbed a few Big Macs for the road.

Man, Jamie Spears is gonna be pissed when he reads this story. Hopefully his underwear check prior to her leaving for her excursion was successful.


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