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One of The Hills spoilers being talked about on celebrity gossip sites and given away in previews is that Brody Jenner has a new girlfriend.

But, as The Hills cast has become so famous that calling it a reality TV show is now a stretch, we have known about this since January.

The fact that Cora Skinner (a lingerie model) is Brody Jenner’s new girlfriend will (does) not sit well with Lauren Conrad. But what will she do about it?

You Know What You Did
Photo via MTV

Girls of Brody Jenner, present and past: Cora Skinner and Lauren Conrad.

Clearly, LC and Brody are still on reasonably good terms, and remain friends, as he was spotted at her fashion show this week. So that’s nice at least.

But we can’t help but think Brody missed out on a real keeper by not committing to LC! Yeah, Cora Skinner is kinda cute. But come on. She’s no Lauren.

We welcome your views, Hills fans. Who do you think is hotter, and that Brody Jenner should date: Cora Skinner or Lauren Conrad?