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Bear with us, readers, but The Hollywood Gossip staff members just have to ask: Brody Jenner, what the hell are you thinking?

You’ve got this new girlfriend named Cora Skinner. She’s cool and laid back and she’s a lingerie model. While the photos below have some serious air-brushing goin’ on, she’s not exactly un-hot. Agreed?

Obviously. So why the hell did Brody Jenner and Lindsay Lohan supposedly hook up over the weekend in N.Y. when he gets to hit this?

Ponder that as you drool over these Cora Skinner pictures …

Once again, get it together, Brody. Cora Skinner, 22, was even said to have met his family. What gives? If he blew it with both Lauren Conrad on top of this fox, and had only Lindsay frickin’ Lohan to show for it? Wow. Unforgivable.