Kevin Federline, Jamie Spears to Run Restaurant

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You thought the Britney Spears-Mel Gibson restaurant pairing was odd?

Try this one: Britney's ex-husband, Kevin Federline will reportedly join forces with her dad, Jamie Spears, to manage a Mexican restaurant in LA.

Britney Spears will apparently fund the operation. Jamie Spears is in charge of Brit's legal and financial affairs as her co-conservator as she receives treatment.

A source said that "K-Fed wants to take over a Mexican place in LA with him and Jamie as managers. The restaurant, called Casa Cordobes, has been a favorite of Kevin's for a while. He ate there with [Britney Spears]."

"Now the owner wants to retire he wants to run it. Kevin and Jamie get along well nowadays and Jamie is keen to get back into the restaurant game."

Kevin Federline and Jamie Spears: Business partners-to-be.

Doesn't sound like there's anything that could possibly go wrong with this business arrangement, or that there would be anything potentially awkward.

We'd sign off on this on two conditions:

  1. They make pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears the hostess?
  2. They keep Kevin Federline on the management side and out of the kitchen. Fool has been packing on the pounds of late has it is.
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