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Kevin Federline was recently spotted on a Los Angeles-area golf course and let’s just say he’s not going Kate Bosworth on us. What we’re saying is that he’s not starving to death. Nope, it doesn’t appear that anorexic waifhood is for him.

Check out this picture of a portly K-Fed, February 29 vs. February 1 …

Kevin Federline might want to ditch the cart and walk next round. 

Some theories for the sudden portliness of the FedEx man …

  1. Sitting around smokin’ too many phat-ass jointz with Sean Preston
  2. Little known part of the divorce settlement with Britney Spears: Every time she goes commando, he has to drink a milkshake
  3. Every time Jayden James can’t recognize his mother in a photograph, he loses a fry from his Happy Meal to K-Fed
  4. Feels a constant need to eat in order to wash out the brutal taste (metaphorically and otherwise) of Shar Jackson
  5. What the heck else does he have to do but eat!?