Forget Ashley Dupre: Playgirl Wants Eliot Spitzer Nude

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Peeps used to pay thousands of dollars just to see Ashley Dupre naked, and we've already seen America's most famous hooker in the buff online!

Well, sort of.

Either way, it's a huge waste of money - but nothing compared to what a certain magazine is willing to shell out for Ashley's most famous patron.

Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer may have lost his office after being caught up in a federal investigation of the prostitution ring Emperor's Club VIP, but he's been offered another gig â€" posing nude in Playgirl magazine.

"His sex appeal lies in being a successful businessman and politician," the magazine's editor-in-chief, Nicole Caldwell, tells Us Weekly. "Women like a guy who is in control, and a man who knows what he wants."

THG NOTE: This is a man who wants to throw away his career, self-respect, wife and three daughters by having sex with a hooker - without a condom no less.

In any case, Caldwell posted an open letter on Playgirl's blog last week asking for Eliot Spitzer nude - for the disgraced official to "strut his sexuality" and receive "a very attractive offer" of payment in return.

She said that while she's not "at liberty to say an exact [price] quote, but we would certainly be willing to pay him handsomely!"

Eliot Spitzer has not answered the call ("I know he's difficult to reach," Caldwell said), but Caldwell already has some ideas for the photo shoot.

"We would like to put [Eliot Spitzer] in the Governor's mansion, a business-like atmosphere," Caldwell says, adding that an Ashley Alexandra Dupre look-alike might appear in the shoot "wearing a Girls Gone Wild t-shirt."

What about the famous socks, that Eliot Spitzer reportedly insisted on wearing while getting his freak on with Ashley Alexandra Dupre?

"Maybe we'd keep him in socks to start, but no woman wants a man in socks the whole time," Caldwell admits.

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