Eric Stapelman Sold Out Kristin Davis

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It's becoming more and more apparent that the recently released Kristin Davis naked photos are the real thing. Wow.

While TMZ states there's no sex tape to go along with the sexy beaver shots, the celebrity gossip source has confirmed that the photos were taken in 1992, when Davis was 27. The man behind the camera (and, one has to assume, the blow job)?

Tokyo Premiere

Eric Stapelman.

Sources say Eric Stapelman took this Kristin Davis naked photo.

Eric Stapelman was Kristin Davis' boyfriend at the time, a cook in New York who is now executive chef at Trattoria Nostrani in Santa Fe. Reportedly, Stapelman was pissed at Kristin and sold the photos to a third party.

That dude then had the pics stolen from him. And that's how they ended up littered across the Internet just two months before the Sex and the City movie comes out.

Fishy. You know, sort of like Kristin's... nevermind.

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