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Britney Spears has been ordered to pay $375,000 of Kevin Federline’s massive legal bills, according to court documents released Monday.

The scary thing? That’s less than his attorney originally sought!

L.A. Court Commissioner Scott Gordon called the billing “reasonable,” in part because “the actions of [Britney Spears] caused the majority of litigation.”

Last week, the pop star’s current lawyer, Stacy Phillips, complained that K-Fed’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, had over-charged Britney Spears, and asked that Federline be ordered to pay his own legal fees – at least in part.

This is a custody battle, by and large, and family courts have the power to order one party to pay for the other’s fees, based on income and needs.

Mark Vincent Kaplan had sought half a million for his representation of the FedEx man so far, but Gordon knocked that number down slightly and ordered Britney to pay $375,000. Still not a shabby payday for the attorney.

Sadly for Britney Spears, it doesn’t end there

Britney’s former divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, charged her $164,972 in fees for a span of 10 months as her lawyer. After Wasser quit, Spears hired Trope and Trope to rep her. On their watch, Britney lost custody and visitation of the kids.

Their bill for five months? $685,985.22!

Of course, two mental collapses and consistently bizarre and dangerous antics made it next to impossible for the Commissioner not to strip her of custody.

But come on, that’s $685,985.22 better spent on Red Bull, potato chips, booze, blackjack, cars, hookers like Ashley Alexandra Dupre … just about anything.