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For six weeks, OK! Magazine reports, Britney Spears has been grounded by her dad, Jamie Spears, in a desperate measure to save her life.

As part of her dad’s restrictions, the 26-year-old star is no longer allowed to hit the clubs in no underwear, hang out with her paparazzi pals or make frequent, erratic stops at gas stations, fast-food joints and public bathrooms.

Which is sad, in a way. It’s the end of an era.

In any case, there could be worse places to be holed up than her $7.2 million, 7,400-square-foot Mediterranean-style villa in Studio City, Calif, right?

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One would think.

Some friends of the the singer tell OK! Magazine that Britney recently snuck a text message to them saying, “I’m so bored. I hate my life.”

A typical day with Britney Spears includes spending hours alone in her bedroom, which is “like a princess’ room with several walk-in closets and a spa tub, plus a long counter where she used to keep all her wigs.”

Papa Jamie Spears, who stays in a room downstairs, leaves her be when she’s up in her private suite. Since she’s no longer allowed to go out, the pop star now spends hours in front of the mirror trying on different outfits.

“Changing clothes all day long must seem harmless enough, so her dad doesn’t interfere with that,” a friend of Britney Spears explains to OK!

“She’ll change 3-4 times on days when she’s not leaving the house.”

Some of those clothes she tried on include “fat clothes” that Britney Spears likes to wear when she’s feeling bloated or out of shape.

Friends say the singer keeps a secret closet stocked with these loose-fitting garments for just these occasions.

One thing visitors to Britney’s home are surprised to discover is that the seemingly scatterbrained star keeps a clean house.

“Her life may seem out of control, but the inside of her house is very ordered,” a friend tells OK!. “She’s very clean and has no clutter.”

An even bigger surprise inside the house, says a reported friend of the troubled star — a shrine to ex boyfriend, Justin Timberlake!

“She’s obsessed with him,” the source reveals. “She has pictures of them together and has devoted a private area just to celebrate him.”