Kevin Federline Gets Fat Paycheck For Own B-Day Party

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How far would you go to party Kevin Federline?

  1. You wouldn't under any circumstances
  2. If he happened to be at the same bar as you by chance, you'd say hello
  3. If there were no cover charge, maybe you'd check out his party
  4. You'd pay him $175,000 to make sure he shows

If you're Las Vegas' Pure nightclub, the answer is #4!

Victoria Prince and K-Fed

"Kevin is a big spender, and a draw for the crowds. So the money he gets is nothing compared to the money they make," a source tells the New York Post.

The former Mr. Britney Spears is being paid at least that much to host his 30th birthday party at the Sin City hotspot on March 21. Peep the invite!

Really? He's that big a draw? We apparently missed something in our two years in this business and many more as avid celebrity gossip fans...

Earlier this week, Britney's lawyers argued that she shouldn't have to pay for Kevin Federline's legal fees - as a court judge has ordered she do - because he's got more money than he claims. This doesn't exactly hurt her claim.

The former spouses are not entirely at odds, though, which is good. A family insider says that Kevin Federline is planning on spending a few days in Las Vegas, which might give his ex-wife a chance to spend some time with their kids.

"Kevin is hoping Britney will be able to have time with the boys for a few days while he's gone, but it all depends on how she is doing at the time," says the insider.

"Also, Kevin has to feel confident that (Britney Spears' father) Jamie will make sure the boys are watched over at all times while she is with them."

Even though he's leaving sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, behind, the aspiring rapper and actor won't be lacking for company.

Brother Chris Federline, who just celebrated his own birthday this week, will also be on hand for the party. Tremendous news there.


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