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Now that American Idol has whittled down its contestants to the final 24, our Power Poll gets serious.

Only talented competitors remain in what many followers consider to be the show’s most impressive season to date. But who is leading the pack heading into tomorrow night’s performance of the top 12 males. Let’s find out…

1. Michael Johns (last week: #2): He has the looks, experience, singing talent… and the best accent in American Idol history. The Aussie’s professional background may turn off some viewers, however.

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2. Asia’h Epperson (last week: #8): Young and enthusiastic, reminds us of Melinda Doolittle with her innocence and charm. Possesses more personality than this finalist from last season.

3. David Archuleta (last week: #4): Arguably the favorite for many, but we’ve got a Simon-like question about this talent: does he really have music superstar written on him?

4. Carly Smithson (last week: #7): Similar to Johns. Great look, sound, experience and accent. But will voters not wanna reward someone who has already put out a label-sponsored album?

5. Kristy Lee Cook (pictured, last week: #1): Also signed with a record label in 2001, but that’s almost part for this year’s American Idol course. Has been a contender since the first night of auditions.

6. Amanda Overmyer (last week: #5): Possibly our favorite contestant. The most unique Idol wanna-be in memory. She’s a rockin nurse!

7. David Cook (last week: #3): This Chris Daughtry-like singer might has a long way to go until he reaches that star’s level. But we’re excited to watch him tryto get there.

8. Chikezie Eze (last week: #6): Tried out for the show during season six. Approved for Hollywood this time around with a rendition of “All the Woman I Need.” Handsome, talented.

9. Kady Malloy (pictured, last week: #9): Young, cute and innocent. Will that be enough?

10. Alex Lushington (last week: #10): Just 16 years old. Brought her great-grandmother along for her audition, which included a terrific version of “My Funny Valentine.” A nice dichotomy to the previously mentioned contestants with professionals resumes.