Rachael Ray: Too Busy, Tired to Have Kids

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Media whore Rachael Ray certainly has enough money to support children, having forfeited her soul in exchange for tens of millions, but that doesn't mean the Food Network magnate will be starting a family anytime soon.

"I'm too tired," Ray, 39, told Extra. "I feel like I'm a bad mom to my dog. I have five jobs, and I just don't think I could take on the biggest job of being a parent."

John Cusimano and Rachael Ray

Ray also brushed off recent tabloid reports that she's gone Heidi Montag on us. No, not acting like she can sing - getting plastic surgery.

"I laughed at the one that said I had a brow lift," Ray says. "Do you really think if somebody gave me a week off I would spend it under a knife and if I was going to cut something off, don't you think it'd be my butt and not my forehead?"

Despite punting all credibility and dignity by selling out and endorsing Dunkin' Donuts, Rachael still seems quite happy with the way her life is headed.

At least for the next couple of hours, Ray is content with her looks, she says, as well as her marriage to entertainment lawyer, John Cusimano.

"The first couple of times I got angry and then I got upset and now I just laugh," Ray says of the divorce rumors surrounding the two.

"I mean, what else are you going to do?"

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