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There weren’t many surprise winners at last night’s Academy Awards. Until we heard the news about Vito Schnabel, that is.

Vito is the 21-year old son of director Julian Schnabel, who was nominated for his work behind the camera on The Diving Bell and Butterfly. He responded last night to a report that his son was actually dating , 44-year old super model Elle Macpherson.

“They’re hanging out. It’s not like he’s smuggling heroin across the border! It’s not a big deal,” Julian said.

It is to celebrity gossip blogs!

When Macpherson was asked if she’s dating Schnabel, she told Access Hollywood:

“No, I am not. Sorry. I never talk about my personal life but in this particular case, because he is nearly underage, I have to deny it because there is nothing else to do except deny it.”

Hmmm, didn’t Milo Ventimiglia say the same thing about Hayden Panettiere a few months ago? And we all know how that turned out!