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Embattled TV news psycho / reporter Alycia Lane got off with just a day of community service for an alleged police smackdown back in December.

Lane was in court this morning, where the Manhattan DA took the felony charge of assault down to a minor charge of obstruction and harassment.

Alycia Lane then pleaded not guilty to those charges.

According to the DA, scratches Lane made on the NYPD officer in question – when she also allegedly called the cop “a f*$king dyke bitch” – didn’t quite qualify under the legal definitions of physical injury.

“I’m so glad this is over,” Lane said.

Alycia Lane’s rampage, as documented by the venerable New York Post.

She didn’t comment on whether she plans on refocusing efforts on her former hobbies, like sending racy bikini photos of herself to Rich Eisen.

If Alycia Lane stays arrest-free for six months – the odds of which are currently 3:2 against – the case will be dismissed and sealed.

At least she won’t have an assault charge on her record when she’s firing out resumes. Lane got fired from her news anchor job after the incident.