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O.J. Simpson, who had a reasonably successful stint as an TV NFL reporter, star of some memorable commercials, and as a movie actor before sullying his reputation by killing two people, is reportedly going to be starring on a new TV show.

It’s probably not the kind of show business move he’d prefer.

Instead, O.J. Simpson’s January arrest in Las Vegas will be featured on the MyNetwork TV program Jail, airing Tuesday at 9 p.m.

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I’m baaaaack,” Simpson, 60, jokes as he enters the Clark County Detention Center in one of two new promo clips from the show.

Here’s the first:


“I didn’t expect to be back here so soon,” the Juice said, chatting amiably with his jailers as he was processed on charges of violating his bail stemming from a September 2007 kidnapping and armed robbery bust.

OJ Simpson has pleaded not guilty in that case, which involved him and seedy co-defendants allegedly kidnapping and robbing sports memorabilia dealers.

“Overall, I am feeling great today,” Simpson tells the Las Vegas officers as he is being processed. “I had a poker game tonight at my house that I was hosting and today I finally found my golf swing – it was a good day.”

Replies a police sergeant: “Until you got that knock on the door?”

“They must have known I was having too good a time,” Simpson said.

Sort of speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Follow the jump for the second clip of OJ Simpson chatting up peeps during his arrest…