O.J. Simpson Pleads Not Guilty; Trial Set For April 7

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O.J. Simpson and his pair of alleged looting teammates - Clarence Stewart and Charles Ehrlich - pleaded not guilty this morning to 12 charges stemming from a September memorabilia heist in Las Vegas. Let the trial begin!

Defense attorneys were unable to get any of the charges against them dropped in a preliminary hearing - especially the kidnapping and robbery charges - which could dole a life sentence (with the possibility of parole) to the Juice.

If convicted, O.J. Simpson could face up to life in prison.

Unlike O.J. Simpson's famous "absolutely, 100 percent not guilty" proclamation while being arraigned for murder in the slayings of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, in 1994, this time the former NFL star offered his plea without theatrics, uttering a simple but firm "Not guilty."

The trial is set for April 7, 2008. OJ Simpson, who is free on bail, will likely be killing ... time golfing with family and Christie Prody until then.


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