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O.J. Simpson is currently in custody in Florida on allegations that he violated terms of his bail in a Las Vegas armed robbery case, according to CNN.

Simpson was to go before a judge Wednesday at the request of Clark County District Attorney David Roger. The prosecutor was filing a motion Friday to revoke Simpson’s bail, according to a court clerk.

“We understand he’s in the custody of his bail bondsman in Florida right now, and will be brought to Las Vegas for the hearing,” said court clerk Elana Pitaro.

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A bondsman at You Ring We Spring bail bonds declined comment.

OJ Simpson was freed September 19 on $125,000 bail following his arrest on allegations that he and several “friends” burst into a Las Vegas hotel room and robbed two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint.

OJ Simpson’s latest round of trouble has him in custody yet again.

Simpson is in hot water because he allegedly called one of his co-defendants in the Las Vegas armed robbery case, a court official said. Identifying himself as “Miguel,” O.J. telephoned Clarence “C.J.” Stewart on November 16 and expressed frustration with Stewart’s testimony at a preliminary hearing.

A bail bondsman is a person or company that pledges money as collateral (bail), guaranteeing the appearance of a criminal defendant in court.

Bondsmen generally charge a fee of 5-10 percent of the total amount of the bail required in order to post a bond for the defendant.

Apparently – details remain scarce – O.J. Simpson‘s bail was posted by a such a company, which is now holding him on violation of the terms of his bail.

O.J. Simpson, 60, pleaded not guilty to 12 criminal counts in connection with what prosecutors contend was a kidnapping and armed robbery.

At a November preliminary hearing, a judge ordered the former football great and two of his co-defendants to stand trial on the charges.

Prosecutors allege Simpson and five men burst into a room at the Palace Station Hotel and held two memorabilia dealers against their will.

Simpson said he was merely taking back items that belonged to him, but one of the two alleged victims described it as a “military-style invasion.”

The case will likely hinge on whether there were guns involved. But one of the men who aided O.J. – and subsequently testified against him in exchange for a plea bargain – said the Juice wanted to “get some heat.”