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ABC’s upcoming star of The Bachelor, Matt Grant, isn’t just looking for a bunch of flings with hot American babes. Although he’ll certainly take it.

No, the British financier is looking for love, a wife, and the mother of his children. He has a very close relationship with his father and credits him as being part of the reason he is so serious about starting his own family. Soon.

“My dad had a stroke at the end of 2006 and that shook me. I want my kids to know him, because he was a great father and I want him to be a grandfather to them. I wouldn’t mind having three or four kids,” he told OK! Magazine.

Other than his accent, which he describes as “geeky” (try sexy!), Matt Grant doesn’t see too much of a difference between British men and American men.

There are a few things that set them apart, though.

“We drink more tea and have crazy sports like cricket. I like to consider myself a British gentleman,” Matt Grant said.

Twenty-five lucky aspiring trophy wives will get to meet this British gentleman when he follows the lame footsteps of Brad Womack on The Bachelor.

The show makes its season premiere on ABC Monday, March 17.