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America already knows DeAnna Pappas, a rejected finalist on last season’s finale of The Bachelor who still star on The Bachelorette this summer.
But now it’s time for America to meet Matt Grant.

The newest star of ABC’s The Bachelor, Matt Grant is the first bachelor hailing from abroad (London). The 27-year-old global financier works with millionaires every day but would trade it all to find true love.

Like other stars of The Bachelor that have come before him, Matt Grant is looking to get married and start a family as soon as humanly possible. He says that his ideal partner is adventurous, outgoing, and fun.

Matt’s take on participating on The Bachelor:

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“I’m a single guy, I’m a red-blooded male. I have the opportunity to date hot American women. Enough said.”

Well, there you have it! Here’s the first pic we could find of the stud …

Like past stars Andy Baldwin and Brad Womack, The Bachelor’s new star, Matt Grant, is not only good looking, but athletic and intelligent, too. Hot!

Matt Grant received his B.A. in history and politics from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge where he was the captain of the university rowing team. He also skis and plays cricket and tennis. He also works out. A lot.

The Bachelor for season 11 will meet 25 women, one of whom could potentially be his wife, but most likely will get dumped after the show, on March 17.

Follow the jump for some videos of Matt Grant – being introduced on ABC’s Dance War, and in a James Bond-style commercial advertising the new season!