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Yes. If anyone is interested, there’s supposedly one out there. We thought we would pass this opportunity on to you, our celebrity news readers.

We get a lot of junk email at The Hollywood Gossip (mostly about Zac Efron being hot), but when one comes in about a nude Britney Spears pic, we take notice.

Especially, as this “Matt” fellow claims, if this photo of Britney Spears naked was taken back in 2001. Yowza. Imagine that toned, pre-Sean Preston, nude physique … Let’s just say that compared to 2008, Britney Spears circa 2001 was slightly …

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

You know what we’re sayin’. Anyway, here’s the email we received. All that has been edited is Matt’s phone number. Let us know if you want it…

From the The Hollywood Gossip Contact Us Form:

I have a photo, a good one, that is of Britney Spears, on a chair, on her knees arching her back and running her fingers thru her hair, completely nude. It was taken at a california hotel in July of 2001 at the moment. The photo is pre tattoo, pre baby, post ‘hit me baby one more time’. It is tasteful, beautiful, and Britney in her prime. I had a 5 year no sell verbal agreement with Brit. I am ready to now…. contact me if you are interested. MATT 555-555-555. Photo must be viewed in person, no file transfers. May be worth as much as $50k resold…this is a private one time thing for me tho, so let me know if you know anyone SERIOUS who may want to view and purchase it. I am in las vegas. I AM 100% serious I won’t waste your time don’t waste mine. You may call 24×7. Sincerely, Matt

We hope this mystery nude Britney Spears picture is hotter than the kinds of photos we’ve seen lately. Such as this one. Put those things away, girl!

So if this email is to be believed, this fool bagged Britney Spears in a Las Vegas hotel in 2001, then took a hot, naked picture of her? Nice work, man, if so.

We can only imagine the conversation that took place …

MATT: “Britney, how long until I can sell this photo?”
BRITNEY: “I don’t know, y’all. Five years or until I go completely crazy,
whichever comes first.”
MATT: “Sold.”
BRITNEY: “But I didn’t buy but nothin'”