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Long before Adnan Ghalib was shopping nude Britney Spears pics, there was another sketchy terrorist dude in her day-to-day life: Mr. Sam Lutfi.

For months leading up to Britney’s recent meltdown, she and Lutfi were inseparable. Well, it turns out Spears’ parents, Lynne and Jamie, believe Sam was a prime reason Brit has refused to seek mental help all along.

They were so mad at Sam Lutfi they threw him out of the hospital last week when he arrived to visit Britney, who had been taken there via ambulance.

Britney Spears’ parents aren’t huge fans of Sam Lutfi. Stunning.

Britney’s parents – especially Jamie Spears – have been trying for months to get her committed into a mental hospital for a bipolar disorder.

Britney’s father in particular has believed since last summer that Britney was suffering from a mental disease – not substance abuse as many claim.

Jamie believed Sam Lutfi was impeding Brit’s ability to get help. He praised her former manager, Larry Rudolph, for trying to get her help earlier in the year. Britney fired Rudolph, of course, before he could succeed.

Jamie Spears has been looking for a way to push her into a facility but she has refused. TMZ reports that Britney continues to refuse to undergo a battery of tests that would officially diagnose her with bipolar disorder.