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Actress Katherine Heigl – of Grey’s Anatomy, Knocked Up and now 27 Dresses fame – appears on the cover of the February issue of Cosmopolitan.

We could provide you with excerpts from the interview, but we know attention spans are short, so we’ll spare you her typical outspoken comments and focus on the simple, enjoyable fact that Katherine Heigl is hot as hell …

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Katherine Heigl: The Fun Fearless Female of the Year, or something.

Making this sexy, cleavage-baring cover shot of Katherine even better: the words “arouse,” “butt,” “thighs,” “sex position,” “pleasure triggers” and “g-spot.”

Good grief, Cosmo. What are you trying to do to us here!?

Of course, there’s also a thumbnail of that douchebag John Mayer. Guess every silver, titillating lining has its dark, large-domed cloud.