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Henry Hager and Jenna Bush will be married on May 10 at the latter’s family’s ranch in Crawford, Texas.

As if President Bush needs an actual reason to take a vacation.

“It’s going to be a small wedding,” a source said to People. “She’s very excited. They make a great couple.”

 Henry Hager and Jenna Bush are engaged. 

The couple announced its engagement in August, during which time First Lady Laura Bush said she’d love the idea of a White House wedding, but also added “of course we want to do what Jenna wants to do.”

For a long time now, of course, Jenna has wanted to do Hager. He’s former Commerce Department staff member who’s in his final year of the MBA program at Virginia’s Darden School.

“I am thrilled for Henry and Jenna, knowing how great marriage can be,” President Bush profoundly said, adding that marriage can also be hard work and that the occasional surge in hugs is needed.

We’d like to wish Hager and Bush the best. May their union last at least twice as long as that of Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds.