Heath Ledger Death Not Suicide, Officials Believe

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Police told Heath Ledger's family that the actor's death was accidental and there is no evidence of suicide. An autopsy is expected to be completed today.

Heath Ledger was ill with pneumonia when he died.

Heath's family - father Kim, mother Sally and sister, Katie - confirmed the tragic, untimely and accidental passing of the star in a statement:

"We would like to thank all of our friends and everyone around the world for their kind wishes at this time... Heath has touched so many people on so many different levels during his short life, but few had the pleasure to truly know him.... He was a down-to-earth, generous, kind-hearted, life-loving and unselfish individual who was an extreme inspiration to many. "

Heath Ledger (1977-2008) with former fiancee Michelle Williams.

Williams, with whom Ledger has a daughter, Matilda, is devastated by the news and is said to be en route to New York, where Heath was found dead yesterday afternoon around 3:30 p.m. by a masseuse and housekeeper.

Meanwhile, the connection of Heath Ledger to the Olsen twins - he was falsely reported to have been in Mary-Kate's apartment - is now clear.

As we reported yesterday, a cleaning lady for the actor arrived at the place first, followed soon thereafter by a masseuse. They both entered the room at around the same time and discovered Heath's lifeless body.

The cleaning lady called the police. The masseuse, we're told, called the bodyguard for the Olsens. She called him because they're friends and he's an EMT.

The bodyguard was around the block at Ashley Olsen's apartment and went over right away. By the time he arrived, police were already there.

It appeared Heath Ledger "had been dead for a while" and there were no visible signs of trauma. There was a pill bottle on the nightstand.

We first reported authorities found Heath Ledger naked on the floor. It now looks like emergency workers put the lifeless actor there in an attempt to resuscitate him, having found him on the bed originally.

A police official says there were pill bottles scattered around the apartment - not necessarily pills themselves strewn on the floor.

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