Pills, Not Illegal Drugs, Found in Heath Ledger's Apartment

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NYPD sources in the Heath Ledger investigation now say a $20 bill was indeed found rolled up near the late actor's body, but previous accounts saying the note had any powdered substance on it are erroneous.

An earlier WCBS report said the manner in which the bill was rolled made authorities "suspicious," and that it was being tested at the police lab as a result.

Cops found drug packets along with the $20 bill in Ledger's apartment. The results of the initial autopsy done on Heath were inconclusive.

Heath Ledger (1979-2008) was found dead yesterday afternoon.

Commissioner Ray Kelly confirmed during a news conference Wednesday that the bill was found on the floor by Ledger's bed - where he was found dead - and was taken for testing. But, he added, there was no visible residue on the bill.

TMZ has confirmed two of the medications found at Heath Ledger's apartment were Xanax and Valium, both anti-anxiety drugs. Cops also found Ambien, along with several medications prescribed in Europe.

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