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With his ex-girlfriend, Rachel Bilson, having moved on to Hayden Christensen, it’s nice to see Adam Brody on the dating scene again.

The former star of The OC is rumored to be spending a lot of romantic time with his Justice League of America co-star, Teresa Palmer. In the upcoming comic book adaption, Brody portrays The Flash, while Palmer is Talia Al Ghul.

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody in 2014
(Dimitrios Kambouris)

The new couple was reportedly seen holding hands and cuddling up over dinner at Lotus restaurant in Australia’s Potts Point on Saturday night.

“They were just the sweetest couple and couldn’t stop holding each others hand the whole time,” a witness relayed. “He signed a menu for a waiter and they posed for a pic, but otherwise they were just really cool about being there together.”

Brody and Palmer join other rumored new pairings this week, such as Pete Doherty and Portia Freeman.