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Yes, the same assistant who Britney fired about a week ago is apparently back where she belongs – in Spears’ crazy, lovin’ arms.

We missed you, Carla.

The latest incarnation of Alli Sims (i.e. Brit’s personal biatch) was out of the picture for a while, but now she’s back and frumpy as ever!

Guess nobody can drive Britney to Starbucks quite like Carla.

Perhaps Spears didn’t feel like another tell-all in the News of the World and begged her to come back. Or Brit was lonely with Sam Lutfi in court.

The two went to a West Hollywood restaurant where Spears made a call from a pay phone. Those apparently still exist? And Britney needs one why?

That’s all we’ve got on the saga of Britney for the moment. Sorry if this post wasn’t more entertaining. But just give it an hour or two, trust us.