The Best Celebrity Mug Shots of 2007

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So many celebrity mug shots, so little time. Some of 2007's sensational arrests of Hollywood stars were so memorable, it feels as though they happened yesterday.

Well, with the exception of Michelle Rodriguez, none of the celebrity mug shots in our growing gallery were actually taken yesterday. But let's take a look back at some of the best booking photos from 2007. You'll see some themes developing ...

Ho Train Edition

What it year it was for the club circuit. Paris Hilton. Lindsay Lohan. Nicole Richie. Three of Hollywood's biggest celebrities (and wastes of space), all arrested in a 12-month span. Britney Spears is all that's missing from this Ho Train police lineup, after somehow managing not to get busted in '07. Opening odds for '08 - 9:8.

Paris Hilton Mug Shot
Nicole Richie Mug Shot: Reloaded!
Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot

Reality TV Edition

Former American Idol reject Jessica Sierra not only got arrested this year, but she is apparently pregnant, and starring in a sex tape. That's one way to get back in the celebrity gossip magazines! Meanwhile, former Laguna Beach stars Jason Wahler (assault, assault) and Jessica Smith (DUI) both had their share of legal woes...

Jessica Sierra Mugshot
Jessica Smith Mug Shot
NFL Edition

These guys are all implicated in serious crimes, which we really don't find funny. Yet they still must be included for notoriety's sake alone. Mike Vick is already in prison for dogfighting, while the four Sean Taylor suspects will be joining him quite soon. Will O.J. Simpson beat the rap again? Would it shock you?

Michael Vick Mug Shot
O.J. Simpson Mug Shot (2007)
Sean Taylor Suspects

Musicians We Forgot Existed Until They Got Arrested Edition

Well, Akon is unmistakable... but these other two? Can you even name them now? If so, you're either an enormous fan of our site (thank you) or you really love rap.

Foxy Brown Mug Shot
Da Brat Mug Shot

Riley Giles Edition

We're sorry, Riley Giles, but when Lindsay Lohan meets you in rehab and starts having marathon sex sessions with you, and your lengthy criminal past becomes public knowledge, we've got to post your mug shots. Some of these are classic.

Riley Giles Mug Shot, Take Two
Riley Giles Mug Shot, Take Four
Riley Giles Mugshot
Riley Giles Mug Shot, Take Three
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