Publisher: Lynne Spears Book Still a Go

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The Christian publishers of Lynne Spears' "indefinitely delayed" memoir, to be entitled "Worst Mom Ever Pop Culture Mom," are still going forward with the book, but insist it's (wait for it) not a parenting how-to - but rather, a warning!

Thomas Nelson publishing released the following statement on its website:

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"Lynne Spears' memoir will provide a window into the world of fame and worldly success, including the toll it extracts (sic) from some who aspire to it. It will provide a much-needed corrective to a world obsessed with the wrong priorities."

Hmm. Sounds like a perfect gift for, you know... Britney Spears?

Lynne Spears has done a bang-up job with Britney and Jamie Lynn.

The statement issued by Lynne Spears' would-be publisher continues:

"We believe in redemption and are standing with Lynne and her family. Though the book is delayed, we believe God is at work. The story is still being written, and we are confident in His ability to turn ashes into beauty (Isaiah 61:3)."

It is good to see that Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy can still be salvaged by the spin doctors over there at the publisher. While they are still going forward with the book, a rep for Thomas Nelson told celebrity news site TMZ that, "(the) Book is still delayed indefinitely with no set release date."

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