Happy Holidays From.... Gummi Bear!

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Ah, there he is. Our favorite ursine specimen has emerged! Deciding that hibernating up north was just too tough this winter, Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis decided to take a vacation. From his day job, which involves doing absolutely nothing.

We're not sure what was on his mind, or how many animals he devoured during the holidays. But in any case, as he strolled down the beach, Jason Davis - brother of Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis - had this message for the celebrity news media:

Jason Davis Mug Shot

A portly Gummi Bear (Jason Davis) wishes us the best!

Some days, you are wished a Merry Christmas by Lucy Pinder naked in all her glory in Nuts magazine. Others, you get flipped off by Gummi Bear. C'est la vie.

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Jason Davis Mug Shot
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