Crock-Blocked: Chris Crocker Negged at Hyde

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Apparently Hyde still has some standards.

Effeminate Britney Spears fan and YouTube "celebrity" Chris Crocker went to the famed Hollywood hot spot last night to celebrate his 20th birthday - but his 15 minutes of fame appear to be the only thing extinguished on this eve.

Hyde's glory days have passed, but it's still out of Chris Crocker's league.

Sadly, Chris Crocker had to take his party train elsewhere as he was turned down at the super exclusive Sunset Blvd. saloon. Stunning, really.

Upon rejection, the derailed crybaby did make a good point, however: "If they won't let Aries Spears in, then they shouldn't let me in."

At least he's self-aware, unlike his look-alike Heidi Montag.

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