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Girls, now is your big chance. As long as you’re Jewish and don’t smoke.

While he appears willing to rail Britney Spears all night long and get his name in the tabloids for possibly impregnating her, J.R. Rotem, is looking for love long-term with a nice Jewish girl on the online dating site,

Using the username bhmusic, JR Rotem describes himself as a 32-year-old, non-smoking, non-drinking, muscular music producer. Sign us up, baby!

Here’s how the quote-unquote music producer Jonathan Rotem, a.k.a. J.R., describes himself to thousands of would-be suitors out there:

Hey girls… Congrats for stumbling onto my profile – you just hit the jackpot! I am Jonathan, an established music producer who is having a challenging time meeting a hot Jewish girl with good values. The success and visibility I have earned in the music industry keeps me surrounded by the wrong girls (gold diggers, cheap chicks, wannabe artists looking to use a guy like me for a music career, money, fame, etc) Some personality traits that seperate [sic] me from most of the people I know in Los Angeles is a high moral code of honesty and loyalty. I would never cheat or lie to anyone I’m with as I believe in treating others as you would want to be treated. I think that those values are the fundamental part of establishing a meaningful relationship. That, and intense physical attraction…

There you have it. If you are among the chosen ones – and happen to be looking for a man who wears a lot of gold chains and enough oil in his hair to lower the price of gas if he chose to, and who might have intercourse with you wheelbarrow style and then tell Blender Magazine about it – then get on today.