Britney Spears Faces Probation; Custody Battle Resumes

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Attorneys for both Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were back in court on Monday morning, as the couple's high-profile custody battle rages on.

Among the items expected to be discussed include the custody arrangement for the upcoming holidays, verification that both parents have completed court-ordered parenting courses - and the results of Brit's drug tests.

However, the most significant development of the day may come when Britney Spears' court-appointed monitor, Dr. Jane Schatz (seen ducking for cover in a classic celebrity photo) submits her report on Britney Spears' parenting.

While Dr. Jane Schatz has already provided attorneys a copy of her report, this will be the first time it is presented to the court commissioner.

Britney Spears: Lights on. No one home.

Other matters expected to be addressed include Britney's driving, including the use of the video of her running the red light, as well as the presence of Shane Partridge, the celebrity news reporter who captured the incident.

While the custody battle is set to begin in downtown L.A., there has already been a separate hearing in Van Nuys, Calif., regarding Spears' noted knack for driving with no license, stemming from her August hit and run case.

A judge has agreed to postpone the proceedings on that case until January 2 so the attorneys can further negotiate. Spears' lawyer, J. Michael Flanagan, said he feels the system is treating Britney too harshly by seeking 24 months' probation.

"No misdemeanor violation is satisfying to me," Flanagan said, adding that in 38 years he's never seen a court seek to punish someone so harshly for this.

Deputy Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Amerian reportedly offered Britney Spears a plea deal of 12 months, but Flanagan wants no probation at all.


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