A Marcus Patrick Nude Photo Scandal

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In the end, the Vanessa Hudgens nude photo scandal actually led to a raise for this actress to star in High School Musical 3.

Marcus Patrick hasn't had the same luck.

The soap opera hunk posed naked for the September issue of Playgirl. A few weeks later, the actor has been fired from his job on Days of Our Lives. Coincidence?

Today is the last appearance by Patrick on the show. While NBC brass claims the decision by the actor to bare it all wasn't related to his dismissal from the series, the timing certainly raises questions, along with a double standard:

How come Tila Tequila naked pictures enable that MySpace vixen to star in her own reality show, yet similar poses by Patrick cause him to be fired?


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Marcus Patrick is a soap opera actor who has starred on All My Children and Days of Our Lives. But did a naked photo shoot for Playgirl... More »
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