The Hollywood Gossip TV Watch: Pageant Place

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We know any loyal, educated television fan is watching Pushing Daisies tonight.

But after you've marveled at that brilliant program on ABC, you may wanna wander over to MTV at 10:30. How come? Because Donald Trump is premiering his new reality show tonight. It's called Pageant Place - and it looks wonderfully awful.

The show follows around a series of beauty queens, all of whom have been covered at various times in the past by our diligent celebrity gossip staff. The cameras zoom in on...

  • Katie Blair, Miss Teen USA 2006;
  • Her successor, Hilary Cruz;
  • Riyo Mori, this year's Miss Universe;
  • Rachel Smith, this year's Miss USA.

These vixens pose for photo shoots, travel the world and visit charities, per their beauty pageant duties. All the while, three at a time live in an apartment in New York City.

The promotions for the series promise that it will reveal the sisterly outings, as well as the occasional high-level squabbles, such as the time Smith sniped, "You are a teeny-bopper," and Blair fired back: "You're Miss USA. I'm Miss Teen USA."

Trump sometimes visits the ladies, as does Tara Conner, who has gone from rehabbing cocaine addict to beauty queen supervisor on the show.

It's the sort of life transformation Lindsay Lohan can only pray to make some day.