Orlando Bloom Investigated By LAPD in Hit-and-Run Case

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We never thought we'd be able to make a Britney Spears joke at the expense of Orlando Bloom, but the hunky actor is reportedly following in the train wreck's footsteps and becoming part of a hit and run investigation.

The LAPD is investigating a weekend car crash involving Orlando Bloom, and cops are still looking at the possibility that he acted illegally.

The accident occurred just after 2:00 AM Friday, after Orlando Bloom left a Hollywood club. The woman in the back seat, prominent fashion stylist Cher Coulter, suffered a fractured neck in the crash.

Just minutes after leaving the club, Orlando smashed into a parked Porsche, then began walking away from the scene. But X17 has this video of paparazzi members urging Bloom to return, which he eventually did.

Orlando Bloom and stylist Cher Coulter were involved in a car wreck. She was riding in the back seat and after he crashed his car, he may have acted illegally.

Ironically, right as Cher Coulter left the club, before getting in the car, she said to Orlando, "What, are you gonna leave me on the street?" Minutes later, it turns out, that's exactly what he did ... when he walked away.

As to why the police did not administer a field sobriety test to the Lord of the Rings star, one detective says that even if an officer saw "minor objective symptoms" of intoxication, it's still a subjective judgment call.

Detectives say Orlando Bloom has been interviewed by cops, and he said an SUV with celebrity news reporters cut him off and caused the crash. The LAPD is investigating that claim as well, and the investigation is open and active.