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Apparently, raking in tons of cash, killing two humans and being found liable for the deaths to the tune of $33.5 million aren’t mutually exclusive.

TMZ reports that O.J. Simpson made nearly $400,000 in income from his NFL pensions every year from 2003 to 2005, for a total of $1.2 million.

David Cook, the attorney for Fred Goldman (father of victim Ron Goldman) says that what he’s really interested in  $772,090 in “personal property” that the knife-wielding maniac claims on his 2005 return, because the pensions are exempt from the $33.5 million judgment against O.J. Simpson in 1997.

The Goldman family has been trying to collect that for 10 years. Cook says he’s not sure what the “personal property” consists of, but he’ll be going after it.

O.J. Simpson: Plenty of juice left in the ol’ bank account. 

“He’s a very wealthy man sitting on a lot of assets,” David Cook says of O.J. Simpson. “Meanwhile, Mr. Goldman is a 67-year-old working man.”

Cook says that they’re attempting to seize the Florida house of Simpson, who along with girlfriend Christie Prody has been involved in a string of legal altercations long after his civil and criminal trials.

Just last week, the State of California Tax Board revealed O.J. owes $1.4 million in back taxes. His two co-defendants for the recent kidnapping and robbery he allegedly committed in Las Vegas have agreed to plea bargains.