L'il Wayne, Big Jerk: Rapper Stiffs Kids at Concert

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Things aren't going all that well for L'il Wayne these days.

Two weeks after getting arrested after a show, the troubled rapper flaked on a show last night in North Carolina, according to TMZ.

Lil Weezy

Promoted as a "Stop the Violence" event, the concert was inspired by eight recent gang-related murders in the small community of Wilmington, N.C.

Lil' Wayne was supposed to be the main draw, as ministers and local celebrities took the stage and spoke out against violence.

They were expecting a crowd of around 3,000 people who had paid $40 for floor seats and $30 for balcony - but only about 1,000 kids showed up.

There were multiple reasons for the small crowd - including Lil' Wayne's legal troubles - and that the concert was canceled, then rescheduled.

As a result of the low turnout, Lil' Wayne, who had been paid a part of his fee up front, was now not going to receive a couple of thousand dollars.

The rapper then sat backstage for three hours waiting for a crowd to arrive. When the crowd didn't grow, about 80 sheriffs and officers offered to raise the money themselves to get L'il Wayne to perform - but no dice.

The extra dough couldn't be raised until Monday, unfortunately, which wasn't good enough for the great L'il Wayne, who bailed without appearing.

Mitchell Entertainment Group - who fought to make the concert happen and to have Lil' Wayne appear - now must deal with refunding tens of thousands of dollars to irate concertgoers. And we thought T.I. was public enemy #1.


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