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You expect plenty of losers drama at an awards show designated specifically for reality TV stars, but Danny Bonaduce took it to another level entirely last night.

At the FOX Reality Channel Really Awards, the “Breaking Bonaduce” star hopped on stage, picked up the notorious Survivor contestant, Jonny Fairplay and body slammed him on his face, leaving him bloodied and toothless.

Survivor legend Jonny Fairplay was taken to the hospital in an ambulance after getting dropped on his face in a fight with an angry, insane Danny Bonaduce.

It was a sight to behold. Here’s how and why it went down. Danny Bonaduce went on Adam Carolla’s radio show today, explaining that he’s “always been bugged by Jonny Fairplay,” who lied on Survivor to win sympathy.

Danny Bonduce, therefore, had no problem stepping on stage to inform Fairplay that the crowd was booing him. Jonny Fairplay then jumped into Bonaduce’s arms, and that’s about when the Bonaduce beatdown occured.

Danny should probably save his “testimony” for a judge, seeing as he’s now the suspect in a “felony battery report” or something along those lines. Maybe he can ask O.J. Simpson for the number of a good team of lawyers.