Britney Spears Shops a Lot, Plans Comeback Tour

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The celebrity news media better get its wheels and road maps ready, because it looks like Britney Spears could actually be heading out on tour.

Staff from Us Weekly caught up with the Millenium Dance Studio owner, Robert Baker, who filled the rag in on some of the details of Britney's upcoming tour.

Us: Britney has been a client of yours for some time. What's she like?
Robert Baker: Britney is a wonderful person, and has got the biggest heart out there. She's doing good and decent things that people in the public never see. This is what we see as Britney Spears as a client.

Us: What happened with the auditions Britney set up for today?
Robert Baker: She had a big audition set up for today, but something came up at the last minute, and she rescheduled for tomorrow.

Us: What are these auditions for?
Robert Baker: They are for the video of the second track from Blackout. I heard but I can't confirm that it might be the slightly slower song she was thinking about doing for the VMAs, for a tour. She wants male and females for both.

Us: How do you know she's planning a tour?
Robert Baker: Britney booked a considerable amount of space and time for the next couple of months, and of course we're honored and humbled that she's chosen us again. The tell tale sign for us is her booking space.

Us: How do you feel she's fairing through all these distractions?
Robert Baker: I can't speak for what goes on in people's heads, but I can say that she's strong and she's coming back. She's strong, dedicated, a hard worker and professional. I know I couldn't do what she's achieved.

Us: When did she cancel today's auditions? Were the dancers disappointed?
Robert Baker: I'd rather not say. What I can say, and would like to stress, is that Britney Spears is a talented entertainer, an amazing individual. People buying her record is testament to her ability to come back.

THG NOTE: That or they just love Britney Spears upskirt pics.

After her abysmal day in court yesterday, Britney Spears decided to blow off some steam ... on yet another shopping trip, this time to Neiman Marcus.

Sources inside Neiman's tell TMZ she skipped the fragrance counter and went to makeup, where she purchased $700 worth. Her skin? Not lookin' good!

From there, Britney returned to Marina del Rey, where she hooked back up once again with the great J.R. Rotem - more developments surely to come.


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