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Step off, Sam Alexis Woods. You can’t claim the title of world’s cutest (or richest) celebrity baby just yet. At least not without a fight.

Check out this terrific and adorable Suri Cruise pic we found today. The little girl of TomKat is growing up fast… and not looking any less cute as she does. Mom Katie Holmes sure seems to be happy these days, too.

Katie Holmes Snuggles Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise: Mother-daughter fun in the sun.

Meanwhile, Katie Holmes is reportedly training for the the New York City Marathon, and has been training for months in Germany and the U.S.

If this is true, the mother of Suri Cruise would join thousands of others at the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in Staten Island on November 4 to run 26.2 miles!

The roommate of a Hollwood Gossip staffer ran the event last year and did it in under four hours. We challenge Katie Holmes to top that. If we win, you give us an exclusive interview here at The Hollywood Gossip HQ. If we lose, no cracks about Scientology for a full year! The gauntlet hath been thrown!