Andy Baldwin. Speedo. Salivate at Your Leisure.

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  • Hot damn. Pick your jaws up off the floor, gals.
  • Guys, sorry for this. Go look at Kimberly Bell nude.

Below, Lt. Andy Baldwin, former star of The Bachelor, honorably serves his country and this celebrity gossip site by taking a dip in a Speedo. Hel-lo!

U.S. Navy Lieutenant and certified hunk Andy Baldwin may be shipping off to Iraq, but he looks as if he's ready for the Battle of the Bulge. Eh? Eh? Is this thing on?

In any case, if this Andy Baldwin picture doesn't make you really proud to be an American, or at least get you excited about seamen, we don't know what will.

The chiseled Andy Baldwin is seen here in Hawaii getting ready for his usual morning swim. He'll be competing in an "Iron Man" competition this weekend.

Eat your heart out, Brad Womack.


Andy Baldwin Biography

Andy Baldwin was The Bachelor. As in the hit TV show. 2007 style. Proposed to Tessa Horst at the end of the show and has been rumored to... More »
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