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Looks like her underwear isn’t all that Britney Spears has had stripped from her this month. The train wreck has lost visitation rights with sons Sean Preston Federline, 2, and Jayden James Federline, 1, according to a court documents.

“[Britney Spears’] visitation with the two minor children is suspended pending
her compliance with court orders,” the document, released today, reads.

No further explanation was given. However, on September 17, the alleged pop star was ordered to complete a long list of court requirements, including random drug testing, work on parenting with a coach, and counseling.

Britney Spears: Not a fan of court orders. Or underwear.

The ruling was handed down by L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon after K-Fed‘s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, requested a hearing Wednesday.

A lawyer for Britney Spears had no immediate comment.

After being temporarily stripped of custody on October 1, Britney had been given visitation rights with access every other day to Sean Preston and Jayden James.

She was then allowed an overnight visit once a week with the children after making a personal appearance in the courtroom last week.

However, it’s clear that little has changed. As Tuesday Knight says, the girl just doesn’t want to wear underwear. Old habits are hard to break.

Spears and Federline are required to attend the next hearing, October 26.