Brad Womack Boots More Babes on The Bachelor

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On the fourth episode of this young season of The Bachelor, nine very nice women were remaining: Jenni, Bettina, DeAnna, Jade, Stephy, McCarten, Kristy, Sheena and Hillary. But only six would make it through this emotional evening with a chance to capture the heart of Brad Womack. Who would it be?

Brad Womack, Bachelorettes

The final nine were split up into three dates with The Bachelor. Six would go on a group date with the hot one. Two would head out with sexy Brad Womack (on the aptly titled 2-on-1 date) but only one would come home from it alive.

And one woman would get a very magical one-on-one date with Brad.

Jenni received the first note on this night's episode The Bachelor, letting her know that she would be spending 1-on-1 time with Brad Womack. OMG!

He arrived in a helicopter, picking her up right at the house. This is a stud that knows how to make an entrance, that much is for damn sure.

The two flew to a rooftop and shared a romantic dinner - and a good deal of kisses. Like Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst a season ago, a genuine connection between the two was palpable. And she got a rose to show for it.

What happened next? How did Brad Womack arrive at his decision? Follow the link and find out in this comprehensive episode guide to The Bachelor...

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