Seth Green Parodies Chris Crocker on MySpace

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Bashing Britney Spears is so September 10.

Yes, most of the online community has moved on, and now it's time to take cheap shots at the random-ass loons we only know exist because of her - namely her most famous Internet defender: Chris Crocker.

By now you've surely seen Crocker's tearful defense of Britney Spears ("She had two f*%king kids! Her husband was a USER!") circulating on the web.

Yes, Chris Crocker. Britney is a human being. An absurd one, not unlike you. Funny how that works. That said, everyone is lining up to poke fun at both.

Even Seth Green.

Sporting enough eyeliner to resemble Pete Wentz, Seth Green went on MySpace TV and screamed into the camera, skewering the effeminate, teenage Chris Crocker by begging fans to just leave him alone, man!

"You have not spent a mile walking in his sneakers ... or platform pumps," Green shrieks. "I don't know what he wears but I bet it's stylish!"

Just a guess here, but it's probably pumps. Or stiletto heels.

And yes, Seth Green has gone from an actor best known for some of the great Can't Hardly Wait quotes 10 years ago to a guy on our site solely because he lampoons a guy who defends Britney. As The Hollywood Gossip world turns....

Here's Seth Green impersonating Chris Crocker:


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